Is There a Toll for the Williamsburg Bridge?

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Is There a Toll for the Williamsburg Bridge?

March 7, 2018 Williamsburg Bridge 0


Is There a Toll for The Williamsburg Bridge or Is it Free?

A matter of debate in recent years has surrounded the monetization of the Williamsburg Bridge. As of now the Williamsburg Bridge does not charge a toll fee. In 2015 however, it was suggested that the Department of Transportation may impose a $5.50 toll at each major bridge leading into Manhattan. Fortunately this measure was struck down.

While it would surely help funding for new infrastructure, it would also greatly inconvenience and gridlock drivers who rely on bridge access day after day. Paying a toll for the Williamsburg Bridge is something most New Yorkers wouldn’t even consider doing, because it’s been free for so long.

Manhattan: A Burough Dependent on Bridges

If you’ve spent any time in the big apple then you understand how important bridges are to your life. Leaving the city for a day to escape to Long Island or Brooklyn may not seem like a long jaunt, but it can make a huge difference in environment. Traversing bridges is just part of the equation. Being island-locked might be limiting, but it shouldn’t be too costly.

What Else Is New?

Recently a petition was proposed that would permanently change the name of the Williamsburg Bridge to the Sonny Rollins Williamsburg Bridge. This petition has almost all of the votes required to complete it’s goal.

Here’s the link:


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