The 5 Best Rooftop Bars Lower East Side NYC

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The 5 Best Rooftop Bars Lower East Side NYC

January 14, 2019 Lower East Side Best Of 0

The 5 Best Rooftop Bars In Lower East Side NYC

New York is one of the biggest city in the United States with tons of attractions. It is home to hundreds of rooftop bars, so it’s not easy to find the best of the best, especially if your time in this beautiful city is limited. There may be some neighbors that are not a fan with my post, but you’re here to have a good time right? So, without further or due, here are my recommendations for the best rooftop bars in lower east side NYC:

  1. Mr. Purple – On top of hotel Indigo and can get busy so go early.
  2. Rooftop 93 – Amazing panoramic view of the city
  3. Burp Castle – Low key and quiet view of the city.
  4. The Dubliner- My favorite Irish bar in lower east side NYC by far!
  5. Azul On The Rooftop – Sweet view of the river and city.

There are tons of other rooftop bars that are worthy too. Rooftop 93 isn’t merely a rooftop, they have a lounge area inside also. There are some locals-only rooftops which should be on your list. PHD Rooftop Lounge is situated at the cover of the Dream Downtown. Upstairs at the Kimberly is among a couple bars that provides you with panoramic views of Manhattan. Hell’s Kitchen is famous for its fantastic cuisine. Oh, and there’s an outdoor fireplace!

Monarch Rooftop Lounge is among the most stunning lounges in the city and so deserves to be in our list of the greatest rooftop bars in New York. Even so in regards to rooftop bars. Bar 54 is a great choice whatever the weather! The rooftop bar is stuffed with diners each night, downing margaritas and sampling a myriad of tacos. Plunge Rooftop Bar is also famous for celebrity sightings. The rooftop bar is really sweet too. There are several rooftop bars here that you’d almost not have sufficient time to go to them all, if you were here for an entire month.

Cheap Roof Top Bars In Lower East Side NYC

If you’re traveling on a tight budget it’s going to be difficult to find cheap bars, let alone, cheap places in New York. But, fear not, I have found some cheap bars in NYC during my time in college. Here are my five cheap and best roof top bars in lower east side NYC:

  1. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya
  2. The Crown
  3. The DL
  4. The Delancey
  5. Excuse My French

Winter Night At These Bars

Some people love the winter cold and sky view nights. I would advise to bulk up and put on lotion before chilling outside for 2-4 hours. Ladies and gents, if you have no care for you skin, you must read The Ultimate Skincare Guide before drinking in the cold; very valuable info on skin care. Another bar to consider is Cellar 58. It is situated in the core of the East Village. There’s also a good choice of wines and diverse cocktails which are more affordable in comparison to its competitors. If you’re a conventional drinker then select the traditional dry martini. If you are searching for something special or you’re just a beer lover, then this is where to go! The center of Manhattan is the best tourist draw even if it’s a chilly night.

You will discover very beautiful places, but also areas you may need to avoid. If it comes to New York City there are several unique possibilities, for where to stay and what things to do. So far as neighborhoods, the perfect ones would be downtown where there are plenty of great restaurants and nightlife. Just do your research and be safe wherever your go.

The Best Underground Bars In Lower East Side NYC

Make a reservation to be certain you’ve got somewhere to hangout, it’s the safest bet in New York. If you have enough time, we definitely advise strolling around your favorite neighborhoods to explore all on your own. There isn’t ever a dull moment and at the close of the night you will wind up either drunk or hungry. But, here is my list of the best 5 underground bars in lower east side New York:

  1. Blue Quarter – Tiny little bar for a nice date (only fits 20-30 people).
  2. The Flowershop – Short waiting lines!
  3. Nitecap – Ever want to try paper strays, here’s the place!
  4. Please Don’t Tell – know for their famous phone booth?
  5. Mr. Wu’s Basement – Have yourself a late night ramen to cure the hangover.
Must Eat Food In Lower East Side NYC

The city of New York is a melting pot. Amazing culture and food such as Irish and Chinese have been a stocking for New York’s culturally diverse food. Even the great Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown loves coming to lower east side for food. Have a look at Mission Chinese Food for their delicious kung pao entree. Not feeling the Chinese food, well you can check out Russ and Daughter’s cafe for some delicious Jewish food. Lastly, if you have a sweet tooth, you must visit Economy Candy! Even grown adults can’t resist the candies.

Other Things To Do In Lower East Side NY

If someone in your group is not a drinker, there are other things to enjoy in NYC lower east side. I personally love seeing the museums such as The New Museum (contemporary). The atmosphere is super relaxed and despite the fact that it appears very fancy there. This enjoyable evening offers you all the art work you will need to kill off some time. Furthermore, non-alcoholic people can get themselves a book at Bluestockings. In the end, I think I’ve given you the best rooftop bars in lower east side NYC. So it’s up to you to take action and have fun when you travel!

Famous Rooftop Bars NYC

There are too many bars in NYC, but to find the most famous rooftop bars NYC, we’ll give you the best options. It’s tricky to tell this is as relaxed of a bar because it is from the outside. The upstairs bar’s got a good range of beers (such as Fosters!) Even so in regards to rooftop bars. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is a fantastic bar in New York. There are many rooftop bars here that you’d almost not have sufficient time to stop by all of these, if you were here for a complete month.

Unfortunately, their customer service really isn’t the very best service. In general experience is excellent. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for something different to do and get from the home, but I doubt we’ll be back.Rates are high but there must be a means to filter people. Drinks prices are just like any rooftop but the series was a little slow. The price for those drinks pays for the wonderful view you become.

Be aware the looming Empire State Building over the often-rowdy bar, together with the cold-weather appropriate fireplace (should you be fortunate enough to make a spot close to the flames). Naturally, the place might be a small narrow and you want to rush to prevent disappointment, but the place is the best that you can see in the Greenwich Village. This place needs to be among the greatest rooftop bars in all NYC. It’s a remarkable place to dance and revel in the night lights of NYC. It’s a fairly spacious spot. It’s an excellent location for pre-dinner drinks. Overall it turned out to be a great time and if I ever return to New York I’ll come back here.

The original location in Madison Square Park usually has a lengthy line, so be ready to wait (though you may look at the Shake Cam on their site to see). If you’re near the region, definitely stop by because it’s a cool experience! This lounge area also appears cool. It definitely isn’t a sizable space. There’s a room where there’s a pool table. 1 floor is totally enclosed. If making your way up the stairs which are neon blue you will end up at the rooftop bar.

You may never fail with a visit to a museum in New York and there are various areas to select from. Generally, tourists have a tendency to start on 5th Ave close to the Plaza Hotel. It’s part of a really good hotel and takes a while to make it through. Advance reservations are necessary for the tours. You are able to purchase your tickets here. You can purchase your tickets here.