Mini Pods, Yoga, and More: A Guide for Father’s Day 2020

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Mini Pods, Yoga, and More: A Guide for Father’s Day 2020

June 4, 2020 New York Lifestyles 0
Father's Day in the City

Gift Ideas for the Urban Dad

Living in New York during the Coronavirus forces you to get creative, especially if you’re crammed in a tiny apartment. With the summer fast approaching let’s turn our thoughts to the men who made us. Father’s Day is June 21st, and it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance. What better way then to give them a relaxing token of appreciation on their special day? We’ve rounded up the top 3 quarantine-inspired gifts to keep Dad relaxed in these anxious days.

Jive Mini Pods

What’s more stressful than a tangled cord? Cut the symbolic (and literal) cord by getting your dad some wireless earbuds this summer. Apple AirPods may be in the spotlight, but there is a new earbud making noise (literally). All dad jokes aside, Jive Mini Pods are an affordable answer to Apple’s industry-defining buds. Not only do they sound good, but they’re half the price AND they look indistinguishable from AirPods.

Here’s some reason why Mini Pods make a great gift for Dad:Jive Mini Pods


At first glance these look exactly like AirPods. Heck, your dad will probably call them AirPods even if you tell him their true name. Regardless, these buds look sleek, sexy, and ready for a nestle in the ear drums of daddy.


Does your dad deserve the best that money can buy? Don’t answer that. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Jive Mini Pods is the price-point. New AirPods are going for over $200. Mini Pods start at just $35. With those savings you can throw some money into dad’s beer and cigar fund for a truly memorable Father’s Day.


Is your dad a tech geek or is he the kind of dad who’s still mystified by Skype? Either way, he’ll be impressed with the Mini Pods long battery life, water resistance, and universal connectivity.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Not every dad is a yoga dad. That doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate an eco-friendly yoga mat though. A mat is a gateway to exercise. It’s a reminder of a comfier way to get healthy and relieve stress from the comfort of your own living room. We found a great cork option to help dad from Native Cork, but there are plenty of options online where you can support some

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

5 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats are Better for Dad


It doesn’t matter how much your dad loves the environment. Getting an eco-friendly yoga mat is doing him and the earth all at the same time. Eco-friendly mats typically use recycled materials which means less of a mess in the landfills (something dad’s love).


Eco-Friendly Mats last just as long as their counterparts. You want something that can handle dad’s downward dogs and child poses, and these will do the job just right.


Many eco-friendly mats are made by smaller companies that focus on employee well-being. Yes, you may pay a little bit more, but you are supporting a supply chain that puts people over profits.


Cheap mats use chemicals that may irritate the skin of some moms. Going natural is a safe way to protect his skin and peace of mind.


But won’t my mat look weird if it’s recycled? Nope! Some of the sexiest yoga landing strips are sustainable and eco-friendly; a trend that is only increasing in popularity. So yes dad, you’ll still look cool.

Self-isolation requires one to keep the mind and body in good shape. If dad isn’t getting his exercise already, this could be the push that he needs for a brighter tomorrow.

Beer Brewing Kits

Beer Brewing KitThe modern urban dad is a renaissance man.

He plays video games AND he cooks. He watches football AND he cleans. What better way for him to kick back then with a beer in his hand? If you’re dad has been relegated to stay-at-home duty because of coronavirus you should consider getting him a home-brewing kit.

It can keep his mind occupied and give him the satisfaction of producing self-sufficient “cold ones”. There’s hundreds of kits to start out with, with the best selection being found at Northern Brewer online or in-store.

If your dad isn’t the drinkin’ type you can go for another liquid alternative: Water carbonator.

For the health conscious dad, bubbly water can eliminate calories and boost his confidence as he sips on the sweet bubbles of his brand new soda stream. Combine with lemon or lime for your own take on La Croix!

These are difficult times, so dad probably needs your support. Even if you don’t buy him something be sure to tell him you love him or even make him a card. He deserves it… probably…