Greentech Fuel Saver Helping Taxi Drivers in Lower East Side

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Greentech Fuel Saver Helping Taxi Drivers in Lower East Side

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Overview of Greentech Fuel Saver

As a taxi driver in the Lower East Side for the past six years, I have realized the importance of fuel consumption. There are a lot of taxis in New York that consume large amounts of gas. Not only does this cost money but it has an effect on the environment. Several years ago I started using a Greentech Fuel Saver and it has helped me greatly. A greentech is a term used to describe any part of a plant that uses biomass as its primary source of energy production. Many of the large wood ash and peat burning plants are considered a form of a green tech. The biggest problem with these types of energy production plants is that they emit large amounts of particulate matter into the atmosphere. For more information on fuel savers check out what has to say.


This particulate matter is one of the main components of smog. Smog is highly dangerous for human health and causes many respiratory illnesses. As a taxi driver, I am always concerned with the quality of the air around me. Being able to help reduce taxi drivers dependence on toxic fuels is a very important. The taxi business is huge in New York and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Because of this, Taxi Drivers need to lower the amount of fuel consumed and fuel savers can play a big part of that.


The ability to offer insights on great fuel savers and their benefits is important to me. There is a problem in the Taxi industry and I see a solution to this problem. If all taxi drivers introduce fuel savers, this make a great impact on the environment. Another reason taxi drivers should use a fuel saver is that it saves money. Every business is looking for ways to save money and this option is a win-win for everyone. Check out this article by the US Department of Energy for more information on how fuel consumption effects the environment.

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Benefits of the Greentech Fuel Saver

Having worked primarily as a taxi driver for the past six years, I have had first hand knowledge of the problems associated with using gas as a form of energy production. I know that using diesel generated electricity produces much more pollution than alternative sources such as natural gas and electricity. In addition, I know that the price of fuel is steadily rising. Many companies in my area are even experiencing price increases as the prices reach upwards of thirty dollars a gallon. For taxi cab drivers like myself that make a fixed income working a specific number of shifts each week, a single gallon of fuel can cost several dollars in just one day!


I have also had the pleasure of piloting a bus that runs on biodiesel. I must admit that this aspect of operating this vehicle did present some challenges. In addition to paying for the fuel, the operator must also pay for insurance. This adds a lot of costs to the overall operation. With the help of a greentech fuel saver, all of these expenses can be eradicated.


It is very important for everyone to think about greentech as an alternative form of energy production. It will not only save money today but will help our future generations as well. By purchasing a converter and having it installed, I have been able to take part in saving the planet by buying a car that is more efficient. The best part is I no longer depend on the taxi company for my rides! I have found that I make more money when I am driving a hybrid than I do when I use a traditional car.


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Summary of the Greentech Fuel Saver

Everyone can save money when it comes to fueling up their car. It just takes a little bit of research and forethought. I have learned what kinds of items I can substitute with biodiesel, such as baking soda, soybean oil and vegetable oil. I have also purchased kits that will allow me to save even more money by making my own water. This has helped me to cut my fuel costs dramatically!


I have friends that own both a car and a taxi company, and they all swear by using a greentech saver while they are driving their cars. Whether you need a car or a taxi, it is important to do some research into the many ways you can make your life easier. In addition to saving money on fuel costs, you will find that you have more time to spend with your family! I would recommend that you search for a green tech company near your area and find out how much they charge for fuel savers.