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A Lower East Side Guide

The 5 Best Rooftop Bars Lower East Side NYC

The 5 Best Rooftop Bars In Lower East Side NYC New York is one of the biggest city in the United States with tons of attractions. It is home to hundreds of rooftop bars, so it’s not easy to find the best of the best, especially if your time in this beautiful city is limited.…
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January 14, 2019 0

What Are The Best Restaurants Lower East Side?

Best Restaurants Lower East Side New York Are Amazing! If you are travailing to New York you will have a question, “Best Restaurants Lower East Side”? There are so many restaurants in New York that we could not even attempt to try and count them, but we have taken a list of some of the…
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July 26, 2018 0

10 Best Manhattan Blogs

Why New York Blogs are So Popular Blogs about the city of New York are a dime a dozen (I know the irony in this comment seeing as I have my own New York City blog). You are probably able to locate an alphabetical listing on the internet if you wish to go to one.…
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August 29, 2017 0
LES Dive Bar Patron

Best Dive Bars in Lower East Side NYC

The Hidden Treasure Dive Bars of the Lower East Side Bars in the Lower East Side can still be affordable. Even though gentrification is sweeping the Lower East Side it doesn’t mean that beer prices are increasing with it. Just look at the prices at the Double Down. The menu was made by none aside…
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August 17, 2017 0